Image 01 Image 02Image 03Image 04Image 00 is a showcase of the renowned poets of Sindhi Literature . The reason why this website has been launched is that there is no single place of reference for the Great Sindhi Poets of Yesteryears. We hope that we will be able to compile the list on this website. If any of the viewers is aware of the renowned Sindhi poets who are not featured , please contact the webmaster with the information.

ACCORDING To THE GENEALOGY OF INDO-ARYAN LANGUAGES Sindhi language could be regarded as a grand-daughter of Sanskrit and a daughter of Prakrit along with its other sister languages of Northern India.

Up to the seventh century A. D., when Sind was under Buddhist and Brahmin rulers, Sanskrit and later Prakrit were the languages used in Sind. From 711 A. D. onwards Arabs and Arghoons conquered and ruled over Sind, but the language of the people continued to be Prakrit and Apabhransh Prakrit. It was about 1100 A. D. that the present Sindhi language was derived from the Apabhransh like other Indian languages. Then during eight more centuries of Afghan and Moghal rule up to 19th century, the impact of Arabic and Persian languages was increasingly felt on the original Sindhi language, until it became a rich compound of three different great languages : Sanskrit, Arabic, and Persian. Sindhi literature produced in the latter part of this period was so rich that soon after the British conquest of Sind in 1843, Richard Burton wrote in his ‡History of Sind: "As regards the literature in the Sindhi tongue, it may be easily asserted that no vernacular dialect, at the time of our taking the country, possessed more, and few so much original

* (Based on writing of by Prof. M. U. Malkani).

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