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The Basis of family tree is Haridwar & Badrinath visits of the descendants of Sindhi Poet Sami (Bhai Chainrai Dataram Lund). Whenever a Hindu visits Haridwar and takes dip in Gangaji he meets to his priest and performs Puja. The priests in Haridwar maintain books in which records of visitors are maintained. Generally thevisitor writes in his own handwriting the purpose of visit and thereafter the priest also writes something in Hindi.

The descendants of Bhai Chainrai have written their purpose of visit in Hatai Sindhi language used by mercantile community. Generally in Hatai language the visitor writes his own name followed by his father’s name ending with ANI.  For example Mr. Sunil Kishandchand will write his name as Sunil Kishanchandani. Sami Chainrai was son of Shri. Dataram. Hence, he used to write his name Chainrai Dataramani. Some of the authors who were not familiar with the practice followed in Sindhi Hatai language thought Dataramaniwas his surname although it indicates the name of his father.

Bhai Chainrai Lund used to visit Amritsar frequently.  His son Shri Ghanshamdas left Shikarpur and settled down in Amritsar.  Hence most of his descendants started using Punjabi at home.  In the year 1935 or so Mr. Ramchand Chetram Lund shifted from Amritsar to Karachi. After partition he again shifted to Mumbai. Now many of them use Ramani as their surname.  Mr. Radhakishan Pritamdas also lives in Mumbai but he uses his surname as Multani and speaks Punjabi at home.  There must be many in Amritsar who may be now treating Punjabi as their mother tongue. Trough difficult we have attempted to convert Hatai Sindhi and old Hindi of priests in the Hindi Devanagari script.  

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