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Nirmaldas Fatehchand

Nirmaldas Fatehchand (1866 -1940)

Nirmaldas Fatehchand (1866—1940) was a profound scholar in many languages : Arabic, Persian, Hindi and English, and was an authority on Islamic religion and history as well as on Vedantism, Sufism and Sikhism. Although a prolific writer both in poetry and prose, his published output consists only of a poetic translation of the famous Persian epic, Shah Nama of Firdousi, and two prose works : Sarojini (1914), a tale of old Sind dealing with Hindu-Muslim unity ; and his masterpiece Daloorai-ji-Nagari (The City of Daloorai)—1924, a book of research in the history of old Sind. The style of Nirmaldas, however, was highly Arabicized and its scholastic nature makes it prohibitive for the common reader.