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Mahommed Hussan

Mahommed Hussan''Bekas''(1857 - 81)

The poetry of Mahommed Hussan " Bekas" (1857—1881), of his father Bedil, was known not only in Sind but also in Northern India. He was a poet of youthful love who died at the early age of 24-before his longings of human love were transformed into the divine. Yet his following kafi is characteristic of the Sufistic doctrine of God manifesting Himself in all humanity :

               Sajan sair karan lai ayo, naun rakhi insan miyan.

               Kathe kafir, gabar, yahoodi, kathe Hindoo, Musulman, Sajan sair karan lai ayo.

               Kathe parhe pothyoon Ramayan, kathe parhe tho Quran Sajan sair karan lai avo.

Translation :—

The Lover came to sojourn here, adopting the name of man.

Somewhere a kafir, fire-worshipper or Jew, somewhere Hindu or Musulman.

The Lover came to sojourn here Somewhere He reads the sacred Ramayan, Somewhere he reads the Quran.

The Lover came to sojourn here