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Dalpat Soofi

Dalpat Soofi (1769-1849)

The other Hindu poet of this century was Dalpat Soofi, (1769—1849) who wrote many bhajans full of divine passion expressed in terms of human emotion and longing. He also propounded the essential oneness underlying Hinduism and Islam, of which the following is a famous illustration:—-

                Je pipir men parmesher, ta babur men ko byo ?

                Kabo khano Khuda jo, tan devan doh kayo ?

                Marhi ain masjid men, roshan hik diyo ;

                Dalpat keean piyo, khalal achee hin khalq men !

Translation :

If God is in the peepul tree, who else is there in the babul tree ?

If the kaaba is the house of God, is it the fault of the shrine ?

In the temple and the masjid, the self-same lamp is shining ;

Dalpat wonders how this confusion has overtaken the people !